Thursday, September 20, 2012

MaMa'S GoT a BRaND NeW BaG!!!

Forgive the phone pic.......but WHaTCHyaLL think of our
These little cuties will make their debut appearance in our booth NeXT WeeK and be available online.........after Canton and aaaaafter we return home from Texas Antiques Week!!
That's right! As soon as we return home from Canton we are emptying our Junk Haulers and headin' down to the BeauTiFuL TeXaS HiLL CouNTRy to
We'll be in FuLL eFFeCT at Junk-O-Rama Prom too so if yall are there, Look Us Up!!
Now.....How about a few pics from last month........
One of our sweet, beautiful customers modeling a Whimsy Love dress designed by her perfectly!!
We brought in a few turquoise and mustard pieces to warm up our whites for fall......very Texas Chic!
Some of our repurposed jewelry...
last but not least.....Whimsy Love's Fall Collection..... I am in LOVE with this died crushed velvet jacket!!
Yall come see us NeXT WeeK for some
BeauTiFuL TeXaS WeaTHeR
 GooD JuNKiN FuN!!!!
The GGJ Gang

Monday, July 16, 2012

Featuring Our Friends Friday #4

Yes, I do realize it's Monday.....not Friday. :)
I'm just a little slow getting this post out. We've been having issues uploading photos but I think I've figured out a temporary solution so let's get on with

Featuring Our Friends Friday #4!!

Here's a great big GGJ shout out to Kelly @ Iron Willow!!

Kelly is a super talented metal artist and her colorful, over the top style is just fabulous!!

She designs and creates each piece and even takes custom orders. In fact, she has comissioned several pieces for our own booth. If you've seen the heart with wings on our check out counter or Brenda's "Whimsy Love" sign in her area of the booth, then you have seen Kelly's handywork. She is AMAZING!

Her funky little vintage camper's are SO cool!

A rockin turquoise guitar, angel wings and roses......what more could a "Country Soul" want?? Love it!!

And how CUTE would this mermaid and starfish be on a pool house or patio??

More summer FUN!

More of her precious signs and who doesn't need a deer with a tiara?? Kinda reminds me of our Clyde!

Her metal Roses are AWESOME!
They're even magnetic so you can add them to one of her signs, your fridge or wherever. I have on on a lamp in  my studio!

Funky letters, stars, and Sweet Gypsy Rose......I love that sign!
She also makes super cute picture frames. You can see a few of them on the hutch in the background of this pic.

Iron Willow is located at the opposite end of Row 46 from our Girls Gone Junkin booth. You can't miss it!

Be sure to stop in and say hello to Kelly and the rest of the ladies next time you're at First Monday and tell 'em we said HI!! :)

and the rest of the GGJ Gang!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Keepin Cool Flea Market Style!

Hey! Happy Friday!!

Hope your 4th of July was amazing!!

We are all back from a HOT Canton weekend and while I can't speak for the rest of the gang, it has taken me this long to recover!

It was rough but let me tell ya, if you ever need to know how to rig something up, "fix sumn" or just get the job done.......ask a flea market vendor!!

Yes, that is an air conditioner propped up on ice chests and boxes and blowing into the truck.......absolutely genious if you have to camp out in there! But if you need a cold one out of that bottom're outta luck!! hahaha

I had a few more photos to share but again, blogger is giving me FITS when I try to upload them. UUUUGGGHHH!!!

The sweetest one is two little girls, ages 3 or 4. They were so sweet and "swam"and played in an ice chest full of water and a five gallon bucket all day while their Mom and Dad set up their booth. It was absolutely precious!!

We just received a much needed rain just now in East Texas and I pray the same holds true for the rest of you. Stay cool and have a Fantabulous Weekend friends!!

and the rest of the GGJ Gang!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Summertime!!

Hey Yall!!
Hope everybody's staying cool.....what in the world would we do without air conditioning? Our ancestors were tough! Or maybe we are just spoiled.....probably both :)

We are all crazy busy getting ready for Canton, which kicks off Thursday! Woohoo!! But we will be arriving a few days early to get all the Junk we're bringing for yall set up and lookin' GOOD!

In an effort to show yall a more "behind the scenes look" at GGJ, I wanted to share a quick shot of my newly madeover, summer inspired mantle.
Check out the full story and all the before & after pics over on my personal blog, Faith & Pearl, HERE!

No clue what's up with the way this photo loaded. I tried SEVEN times and this was the best I got......oh well.

And this fun shot of me, Pam and Sue shopping in Warrenton at Antiques Week back in April. We all cracked up at this sign so of course Cathy snapped a pic! Sue was trying so hard not to laugh!!

I should probably do a post on the entire trip. We had SO much fun!! And it was my first time to EVER go!! It's very addicting and we WILL be back in October! Woohooo!!!

Well, back to work!
There's still A LOT to do between now and packing time!!
Hope to see yall in Canton next weekend!!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Featuring Our Friends Friday No. 3

Goodmorning Friends!

Yes, I know it's actually Saturday....... but I took off yesterday to recover from our vacation to the beach....isn't it crazy how that happens. You go on vacation to get away, relax and rest. Then you come home exhausted! Oh well, we had a blast and it was much needed family time. While we were gone my oldest turned 17......SEVENTEEN!! This is the second year we've celebrated his birthday at the beach and I think he's getting a little spoiled to it :)

Ok, enough rambling about me.....onto Featuring Our Friends Friday No. 3!!

This week it's all about Caron's Cottage, owned by Caron Cable!
She is located at the south west end of Row 46, about three doors down from GGJ, and carries mostly vintage and antique furniture ranging from fine victorian antiques and rustic farm  pieces to shabby chippy garden inspired decor. I LOVE stopping in and checking out her space. I don't know how she finds so much cool stuff but let me tell you, she does!

Check out the scalloped top cabinet and the shabby pink screen door!

Wish I'd gotten a better shot of this table. The rustic base with scalloped skirting and the metal top are such a cool combination.

The detailing on this vanity is nothing short of amazing. And it's in mint condition.

And these longhorns in front of the turquoise door makes my Texas heart skip a beat. That black shelf is pretty sweet too!!

Carol always has a great selection of vintage garden accessories too!

Well, that's all for today. Blogger is being a booger and giving me fits when I try to upload pictures. Ugh!

Next time you're in Canton make sure you drop in at Carol's Cottage and tell her GGJ sent ya!

You can also find her wares at Antique Company Mall in McKinney, Texas.

Thanx so much for stopping by!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Featuring Our Friends Friday #2

Good Morning and TGIF!!!

This weeks Featured Friday is gonna be short and sweet as my family is leaving for vacation in approximately 20 minutes! YIKES!.....nothing like waiting til the last minute! :)

Well, without further ado, let me introduce yall to our fabulous Canton neighbors, Rocking Horse Designs!!

They specialize in custom crib and tween bedding as well as original art, clothing and gift items.

If you are need of ANYTHING for a sweet little bundle of joy, these ladies have it

One of a kind, handmade vintage style baby couture that is TO DIE FOR......beware of walking in almost makes ya want to have another baby....almost :)

So much sweetness

One of these end of the bed pillow thingys (forgive me girls, i'm not sure what they actually are, but I love them) really needs to come home with me :)

Cute tees for mom

"We are all precious in his sight....He may shake is head a lot....but we are still precious"
One of my FAV  tees.... Love that saying!

And those of you (like me) with boys, you know how hard it can be to find cute stuff for them. Well, Rocking Horse Designs has gotcha covered! Precious Precious baby boy bedding and clothing!!

And here's a shot of their booth from the outside. They are located just to our left (if you are standing outside our booth, looking in)

Visit them ONLINE HERE or stop by next time you're at First Monday!

That's all for now!!
The beach is calling and this girl is OUTTA HERE!! Woohoooooo!!!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Featuring Our Friends Friday No.1

Hey Yall!

I'm so excited as today is the unveiling of our new


There are so many amazing vendors at Canton and even if you've been coming for years, there's no way to see every one of them in a single trip. My goal with this little feature is to highlight some of our old favs and also a few cool new vendors that we come across......which is exactly what we are doing today!

Our first feature is Amber from Gipsy Bridge. This is only her third month at Canton but her business is already rockin! Every time I went by her booth (which is quite frequently because she is just up Row 46 from us and right next to the air conditioned bathrooms...excellent location!) it was packed!! Amber and her boyfriend Jose are the cutest, sweetest and most talented couple.

She designs and makes gorgeous jewelry and pillows, he designs and creates all her funky cool display pieces and they also carry super cute clothing.

Amber was sweet enough to email me a little background info on her fabulous new business:

Hi Jenny! Here's a little info about Gipsy Bridge....

Everyone always thinks I spelled "Gipsy" wrong, but Gipsy is actually the name of the tiny little town where I grew up in Southeast Missouri. The Gipsy Bridge logo is a picture of the actual bridge where I grew up. I spent many summers jumping off that bridge into the river with my family and friends. So, I was able to bring a little piece of my country home, the Missouri Bootheel, to Texas. :)

The decorations, and most of my jewelry pieces, are made from old doors. I have always had a fascination with old doors; they are way cooler than new ones! The older and chippier, the better! (My friends like to tease me and say that you have to have a tetanus shot before coming into my apartment!) It's the story of the old door that makes it so special and interesting....what kind of house did it belong to, how many colors has it been painted, what sort of people turned its knob, and what things went on behind it when it, when my boyfriend, Jose, builds my displays, he always finds the most interesting doors and finds a way to really display the character of it, as well as feeding my "old door fetish!" :)

Such a sweet story....
I can definately identify with her "old door fetish"! haha.....I seem to have one myself :)

Be sure and check out their website
or through email at

Thanx so much Amber & Jose for being our first feature!