Monday, July 16, 2012

Featuring Our Friends Friday #4

Yes, I do realize it's Monday.....not Friday. :)
I'm just a little slow getting this post out. We've been having issues uploading photos but I think I've figured out a temporary solution so let's get on with

Featuring Our Friends Friday #4!!

Here's a great big GGJ shout out to Kelly @ Iron Willow!!

Kelly is a super talented metal artist and her colorful, over the top style is just fabulous!!

She designs and creates each piece and even takes custom orders. In fact, she has comissioned several pieces for our own booth. If you've seen the heart with wings on our check out counter or Brenda's "Whimsy Love" sign in her area of the booth, then you have seen Kelly's handywork. She is AMAZING!

Her funky little vintage camper's are SO cool!

A rockin turquoise guitar, angel wings and roses......what more could a "Country Soul" want?? Love it!!

And how CUTE would this mermaid and starfish be on a pool house or patio??

More summer FUN!

More of her precious signs and who doesn't need a deer with a tiara?? Kinda reminds me of our Clyde!

Her metal Roses are AWESOME!
They're even magnetic so you can add them to one of her signs, your fridge or wherever. I have on on a lamp in  my studio!

Funky letters, stars, and Sweet Gypsy Rose......I love that sign!
She also makes super cute picture frames. You can see a few of them on the hutch in the background of this pic.

Iron Willow is located at the opposite end of Row 46 from our Girls Gone Junkin booth. You can't miss it!

Be sure to stop in and say hello to Kelly and the rest of the ladies next time you're at First Monday and tell 'em we said HI!! :)

and the rest of the GGJ Gang!!


  1. Replies
    1. I knoooooow! She is SO good!! :)

  2. What fun, cool stuff she makes :) It's times like these where we wish these Ohio girls lived a wee bit closer to TX!

  3. Aaaaw.....well if yall ever make it down here you HAVE to come to Canton and see us!!