Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Summertime!!

Hey Yall!!
Hope everybody's staying cool.....what in the world would we do without air conditioning? Our ancestors were tough! Or maybe we are just spoiled.....probably both :)

We are all crazy busy getting ready for Canton, which kicks off Thursday! Woohoo!! But we will be arriving a few days early to get all the Junk we're bringing for yall set up and lookin' GOOD!

In an effort to show yall a more "behind the scenes look" at GGJ, I wanted to share a quick shot of my newly madeover, summer inspired mantle.
Check out the full story and all the before & after pics over on my personal blog, Faith & Pearl, HERE!

No clue what's up with the way this photo loaded. I tried SEVEN times and this was the best I got......oh well.

And this fun shot of me, Pam and Sue shopping in Warrenton at Antiques Week back in April. We all cracked up at this sign so of course Cathy snapped a pic! Sue was trying so hard not to laugh!!

I should probably do a post on the entire trip. We had SO much fun!! And it was my first time to EVER go!! It's very addicting and we WILL be back in October! Woohooo!!!

Well, back to work!
There's still A LOT to do between now and packing time!!
Hope to see yall in Canton next weekend!!



  1. Can't wait to see your post on this weekend in Canton! We can't be there, but. . .one day. . .I hope. . .

  2. Hi Girls Gone Junkin!

    I was reading your blog for the first time and ran across the one where ya'll are standing with the "Cougarville" sign. That was my space. I never would sell the sign because it turned into a photo booth for everyone. It was just a fun sign. And tons of people took their photo at that spot! Glad you girls got a picture with it! I'm sorry to say I finally sold the sign.:( My husband reminded me that I am there to sell! lol I get too attached to things and have a hard time letting go. At Zapp I showed under The Velvet Attic name, but I've recently moved from Zapp to the Campbell building (red building across from Hilcrest Inn). My new name is Modern Vintage. Stop by and say hi, I would love to meet you girls!

    1. Hey! We SO loved that sign!! I totally understand not wanting to part with it.......yep, have a bit of a problem with that myself. haha We are coming back to Warrenton in October so we'll have to look you up! Best of luck there!!